Roots & Fruits

Our Roots & Fruits methodology for sustainable motivation.
We bring our unique Roots & Fruits methodology, which takes the theory of motivation in the workplace and turns it into concrete, sustainable solutions. The methodology was created in collaboration with Behavioural Economics experts and is fuelled by a combination of the latest research into human behaviour and real life experience.

Roots & Fruits focuses on the four key pillars to unlock motivation at work

If these are present for your people, they will look forward to making a difference and fulfil their potential. If not, you’re not maximising what you have.

We take a 3-Step approach:

We diagnose the current state of your business / team

Based on results, we propose experience-based solutions

We support you on how to actually make the changes deliver a sustainable difference

We'd love to help you to strengthen the Roots of your business and harvest the Fruits.